Birthdayyy :3333

@3@ Soo tireddd. Well Yesterday was my Birthday, I Hung out with my Best friend and saw The Time Travelers Wife. I also Bought a Juku Couture Doll Named Jun :) Bought it at target for $9.99! The original price for the first series was $19.99.  I could hardly resist buying herr! Shes not as cute as the first ones but... I'll post pics up later.  xDD

Birthdayyyy yayy

My bday is coming up in 2 weeks from Saturday.. I'm getting some money and im trying to save it up for the Dreaming Macaron skirt/jsk by Angelic Pretty but i just cant save enough money ;;3;;. I always see something i want to buy so i get side tracked.... I read Shugo Chara Chapter 43 :OOO Ikuto says he loves Amu! Yayyy!!! lol.
Im going to be getting this lil' puppehh for mah bday x333 so cutee!! Its called Puppy Check-up By Kenner made in 1994! And Im also getting some moondreamers dolls; Whimzee, Blinky and Ursa. I love 80's toys even tho i was born in the 90's :]] Teehee. I want some rilakkuma stuff too ._. I luff korilakkumaaaa :]]] Shes so kawaii. Ughh im so bad at saving money ;;3;; ... lol...
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Looking for AP Mint Macaron JSK or headbow

Looking for AP Mint Macaron JSK or headbow

HI im looking for the Angelic Pretty mint macaron JSK but i cant seem to find it anywhere!!!
Its been my dream dress ever since i saw it. So if you know somewhere i can buy it, or it you want to sell it, then please let me know! I am also looking for the headbow btw.

Thanks :]

Shugo Chara furoku checklist! UPDATE!!

ere are some furoku of Shugo Chara I know that exists xD
I know so far that Shugo Chara starts in nakayosi in Feb. 2006.

??????? - 2006
Blue rolling stamp marker - issue 3/2007 - own
Shugo chara pencil tin - 4/2007 - own
red shugo chara marker - 5/2007 - own
shugo chara pencil with circle eraser - 6/2007 - WANT
shugo chara happy summer pouch - 7/2007 - own
shugo chara pink clipboard - 10/2007 - own
Shugo Chara photo album - 11/2007 - own
Shugo Chara Gum eraser - 12/2007 -  WANT
Shugo Chara trump cards - 1/2008 -  WANT
Shugo Chara wallet - 2/2008 - own
Shugo Chara Shiney Card - 2/2008 - own
Shugo Chara file binder - 3/2008 - own
Shugo Chara red pencil pouch - 4/2008 - WANT
Shugo Chara chocoloate tin - 5/2008 - own
Shugo Chara guardian notebook - 6/2008 - own
Shugo Chara towel - 7/2008 - own
Shugo Chara orange pouch - 8/2008 - own
Shugo Chara tarot cards - 8/2008 - own
Shugo Chara purse bag - 9/2008 - own
Shugo Chara Guardians poster - 9/2008 - WANT
Shugo Chara Lead rainbow bullet pencil - 10/2008 - WANT
Shugo Chara Cupcake Mirror - 11/2008 - not yet released